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Our Unique Printing Process

The print is transferred to the cloth through dischargeable dye, which destroys the base colour of the cloth and replaces with the colour of the print. The result is a print that becomes a part of the cloth, ensuring a completely smooth surface with no resistance to the ball. We are able to print on Smart snooker table cloths.

There are many benefits to using this technique over alternative screen-printed cloths on the market. The print area is very durable, lasts as long as the cloth is in use, does not scratch or wear off and there is no resistance to the ball when in play. There are digital printed cloths on the market, however they do not stay smart for long. Digital prints start with a white base cloth and are printed on the surface. The print can also come away when scratched and worn.

The process begins with the selection of the logo or design that will be printed onto the cloth. If we have your chosen design within our screen library then we will not need to create new screens. If it is a new design, we then go through the following process:

The design is printed onto positive vinyl using a specialist printer in our studio.
One screen is required per colour, so if a print has 4 colours then 4 separate screens will be required. Each screen is prepared by fixing the positive vinyl to the screen and coating with photo sensitive emulsion.
The screens are then placed into a specialist machine which vacuums the air out and pushes the negative vinyl against the screen, shining bright light on any bare parts and exposing the design.
The screens are then washed out to reveal the image.
The first screen is laid onto the cloth, ensuring it is perfectly straight on the bed.
Colours are then mixed with the dischargeable dye to make a paste – this dye destroys the base colour of the cloth and replaces with the colour of the print.
A squeegee is used to apply the paste in a swift motion.
This process is repeated, starting with the light colours through to dark, until all screens have been applied.
Finally, the cloth goes through the steamer to discharge the print. When this process is complete, the paste colour replaces the cloth colour in the printed areas.

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