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Elevate your office with a personalised pool table

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Looking for a way to make your office more fun, and improve employee engagement while you’re at it? A personalised pool table, made using Hainsworth printed cloth, is the answer!

A pool table gives your people a space where they relax and blow off some steam, while also demonstrating your trust in them to balance work and play. Getting your pool table printed with your logo takes this a step further, reinforcing brand identity and creating a stronger sense of belonging in your team.

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And when your clients come to visit, they’ll see your branded pool table and recognise the investment and attention to detail you’ve put into your office – letting them know that you’ll treat them with care too.

But not just any printed cloth will do – make sure it’s Hainsworth TopTable. Our revolutionary printing process ensures your logo won’t scratch or wear off, and keeps your table looking smarter for longer. And our cloth is treasured by professional and casual players alike for its speed and quality of play.

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So why wait? Make your office an even more enjoyable place to work and order your printed pool cloth today. Contact us now to find out how we can help you.