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The pioneers of print

As the original pioneers of printed pool cloths in the UK, at Hainsworth we have access to a wide range of corporate logos and brand designs in our portfolio. Our development of printed pool cloth sprung from our successful history of printing large scale casino layouts and game tables for the likes of the Bellagio in Las Vegas, with changes in markets and demands we transferred the skills, experience in design, development and print production to the pool market to put this distinctive option within easy reach of most business or domestic table owners.

Hainsworth TopTable printed pool cloths offer high impact promotional advertising and brand visibility in notoriously competitive bars, pubs and clubs. For business, top quality pool playing surfaces are transformed into high visibility message carriers or brand reinforcement opportunities, for pleasure a home can have a bespoke and personalised playing surface.

Hainsworth TopTable created a printed cloth offering clarity of print, durability, ability to create numerous designs and importantly no resistance to the ball. This unique printing application process is created by dyeing the base cloth with a dischargeable dye recipe. The paste applied to the cloth is made from a closely guarded recipe and is entirely unique to Hainsworth.

The print paste is applied to the dyed cloth using screens with a fine mesh count.

The cloth is then steamed to reactivate the dischargeable recipe in the cloth with the ingredients in the paste.

When this process is complete, the paste colour replaces the cloth colour in the printed areas.

The print is now in the cloth and not sitting on the surface creating a smooth playing surface, the print is in the cloth and not sitting on the surface like alternative screen printed cloths on the market.

There are huge benefits to using this technique. The print area is very durable, it lasts as long as the cloth is in use, it does not scratch or wear off and there is no resistance to the ball when in play.

There are digitally printed cloths in the market, however they do not stay smart for long. Digital prints start with a white base cloth, and are printed on the surface. The print can come away when scratched and worn. It isn’t possible to get a solid background colour on a digital print, as it shows a slightly ‘whitening, milky appearance’.

You can view a quick video of our process below

Cloths which we can print on – Hainsworth®  Elite Pro and Hainsworth®  Smart