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From Our Family To Theirs

Hainsworth is a family company committed to delivering the best products to our end customers, just like Olhausen.

The Hainsworth story is the history of one of the oldest family companies in the United Kingdom. The company traces is routes back to the late 18th Century when in 1783 Abimelech Hainsworth, ‘Old Bim’, started his clothiers business. Cloth would be woven by hand loom weavers in their cottages and collected by ‘Old Bim’ who would then transport it by horse and cart to Leeds Colored Cloth Hall. The tradition in the district at the time was to produce cloth dyed in the wool before spinning and weaving. The company has since passed through generations of the Hainsworth family and is currently headed up by the 7th generation while we also have the 8th generation learning the ropes for the future.

This generational involvement means that as a company we appreciate the importance of family and relationships, we work to ensure that the pool cloth that we provide through Olhausen are of the best quality so that families can spend leisure time having fun and experiencing an amazing game bringing them closer together.

Family Members Timeline